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Founded in 1949, Toyoda Gosei is a customer-driven, global company that researches, develops and manufactures products of exceptional quality for a variety of industries, from automotive to agriculture to telecommunications.

Toyoda Gosei North American Management

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Toyoda Gosei manufactures a wide variety of products, including Safety Systems, Sealing Systems, Fuel Systems / Functional parts, Interior / Exterior parts, and Optoelectronics.

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Key automotive OEM customers include Toyota, General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.


Across our numerous product lines, Toyoda Gosei has received many highly recognized awards such as the Toyota Superior Launch Award and the General Motors Supplier of the Year Award.


Toyoda Gosei, with headquarters in Aichi, Japan; Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.; Zaventem, Belgium and Chonburi, Thailand, is a world-class supplier to the automotive industry. Toyoda Gosei’s five product categories include: Body Sealing Systems, Interior / Exterior Systems, Optoelectronics, Fuel System / Functional Parts and Safety Systems. The TG Group employs over seventeen thousand people in seventeen countries, located in fifty-eight facilities worldwide.


Toyoda Gosei's workforce totals approximately 17,000 people worldwide; 6,500 associates in North America.


The Nagoya, Japan based company began in 1949 conducting rubber research operations. In 1986, Toyoda Gosei began North American operations which now consist of twelve sales, technical, and manufacturing operations.

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