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Environmental Policy

At Toyoda Gosei, continuing research has resulted in the development of a line of advanced polymers and other weight-saving materials that give the world’s automakers just what they need and want—vehicles that are lighter and sip, rather than guzzle, their fuel.

It’s not just about making lighter parts. Developing systems that have fewer parts is another way Toyoda Gosei is able to bring weight savings to the factory floor. Simplified design gives way to the modular approach. Less weight. Less fuel consumed.

Even at the end of a vehicle’s life cycle, there are ways Toyoda Gosei is contributing to a healthier environment. Toyoda Gosei, working with Toyota Group companies, has developed a breakthrough de-vulcanization process for recycling automotive rubber, traditionally one of the most difficult challenges facing the recycling movement.

The company has already earned ISO 14001 certification for many of its principal plants, a testament to Toyoda Gosei’s core emphasis of reducing the environmental impact of automotive manufacturing.