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At Toyoda Gosei, we believe that our competitive advantage comes from our people. With this in mind, we continuously work to develop a number of key competencies in our employees which create value for our customers.

Building Customer Focus

Here at Toyoda Gosei, we believe customer focus means not just meeting the customer's needs, but building customer relationships and taking personal responsibility for customer satisfaction and loyalty.


With our strong global presence, we recognize the value of seeking both innovation and best practices from every employee. Sharing new ideas and knowledge between global regions and product lines allows us to anticipate and respond to the needs of the customer much quicker than the competition.

Continuous Improvement

At Toyoda Gosei, every employee is continually challenged to identify opportunities and implement changes in our designs and methods which enhance the value of our products to the customer.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

In our technical areas, we strive to hire the best and then make them better through targeted training and work experience.

Quality Orientation

"Zero Defects" is the goal of every Toyoda Gosei employee.