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Body Seals

Rain, wind, dust and noise. Traveling in a vehicle equipped with Toyoda Gosei body sealing products means shutting out the world and enjoying the peace and quiet that only the highest standard of technical excellence will deliver.

We understand the fundamental need for products that keep the elements out and the comfort in. That’s why we offer a wide range of body sealing products, including:

  • Door weatherstrips
  • Roof side rail weatherstrips
  • Top opening trim weatherstrips with one-corner molding
  • Opening trim
  • Door mirror brackets
  • Luggage compartment door weatherstrips
  • Sliding roof weatherstrips

At the heart of Toyoda Gosei’s production technology is the variable extrusion process, which is an innovative way of changing the lip length of the trim to match the plate thickness of the vehicle body. Automatically controlling the lip in the rubber extrusion port eliminates the thick portion of the lip, increasing production efficiency and decreasing waste.

Toyoda Gosei developed the world’s first micro-dense vulcanization for the extrusion process. Air is incorporated into the opening trim weatherstrip material, thus making it possible to maintain strength while reducing the weight of the product.

Toyoda Gosei also offers innovative developments in decorative technology such as our “Fabric Feel Finish”, which uses foamed thermoplastic elastomers to improve the material feel.

In another breakthrough technology to improve appearance, Toyoda Gosei used variable cross-section weatherstrip technology to achieve a single wrinkle-free part, eliminating the need for moldings and joint lines that might have otherwise contributed to a color mismatch.

Body Seal